Halloween: NOXX Edition
October 20, 2017

Halloween: NOXX Edition

Halloween is approaching fast, are you ready? 

If you’re like me, you probably have amazing intentions to do the perfect and most Pinterest-worthy costume for your littles, but have mayyyybe waited until the last possible second to actually put it together. Lucky for you, we have some incredible NOXX-obsessed mamas who have done the planning for you . 😉

We set out to ask some of our NOXX Roxxstars for some Halloween inspiration to share with all of you. If you're still needing some inspiration for your kiddos, check out some of our favorites below! If you see something you love and plan to order something new to complete your costume idea, be sure to get your orders in by Monday, 10/23 if you want it to arrive in time for the big day!


1. Where's Waldo?

Halloween: Noxx Edition
We received a few entries for this idea, and I absolutely LOVE it! This is one that is super easy to put together with items your little may already have, OR that you can get for reasonably low prices in any of your normal retail stores. The stripes, beanie, and glasses really are the dead giveaways, so any other accessories are just a bonus! Thanks to @threelittle.goats and @iameastonjames for these adorable ideas! And while we don't currently have the two pom beanies they used, we do have the Red Jersey and the Strawberry Stripes available.
2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween: Noxx Edition
Our sweet roxxstar @regangeiger sent us this adorable idea for fans of Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas! Regan will be incorporating NOXX into her boys' costumes. They will be Jack/Sally hybrid babies (as their father and she will be Jack and Sally). They are using a Black Cozy NOXX beanie (a similar Black Cozy will be re-stocked this Sunday 10/22 at 3pm), a Jack tee, Sally leggings, custom moccasins, and striped Jack cardigans. Again, we love the simplicity of this idea and the ability to incorporate ready-made tops and bottoms with handmade accessories to create an easy costume!
Halloween: Noxx Edition
I literally LOL'd when I opened this picture sent by @melillort because it is SO. CUTE. I just died over her son Kaimana's sweet smile! Superhero costumes are SO easy especially for little ones, as many retailers carry regular onesies and t-shirts with the licensed logos on them (I was able to find multiple options for boys and girls at Target, Walmart, and Kohls). Even for the bigger kiddos, costumes can be made so easily with clothes you already own, iron-on images, or even hand-painted logos! You can find hundreds of tutorials by searching DIY Batman, Superman, Captain America, etc., costumes. TIP:  Add "no-sew" to your search if you don't know how to sew or don't have access to a machine. Finally, a NOXX beanie pulls it all together (you can find a similar beanie to the one Kaimana is rocking here), and will also help keep your littles warm if you will be trick-or-treating somewhere OTHER than Arizona. :) 
4. Seven Dwarfs from Disney's Snow White
Halloween: Noxx Edition
Who knew the Seven Dwarfs were the original NOXX Roxxstars? Rocking the slouchy beanie look since 1938! Our friends @paul_and_ash told us they plan to use this inspo to create a "Dopey," look for their little, using the Heather Purple beanie we released a few weeks back. If you are interested in creating any of the other looks, we recommend Rust for Happy, Mustard for Doc, Yellow Jersey for Sneezy, Army Green for Grumpy, Black and Teal for Bashful, and Speckled Teal for Sleepy.
5. Burrito & Hot Sauce
Halloween: Noxx Edition

Halloween: Noxx Edition
This costume idea is so amazing, I have seen so many cute burrito and taco ideas, which is not something I would have thought of on my own! Not only did @iameastonjames knock it out of the park last year with her Where's Waldo costume, but she's inspiring us again this year with this adorable idea. For those of you who have littles to small for trick-or-treating, costume is as easy as picking up one of the burrito swaddles, and adding a NOXX beanie! Pictured here is the Heather Green Stripes & the Heathered Olive, both of which I love, but I also think there are multiple options that would work for this look! I am also loving the hot-sauce or Siracha costume ideas, which would be easy to making any of the the Green (Kale or Shamrock would be cute if you went with Siracha) Jersey and/or Red Jersey Knit beanies paired with a ready-made T-shirt or costume!
6. More Easy Additions
Almost any costume ideas can be complemented with a NOXX beanie. If you're looking for a final addition to your Halloween look, you can also search our website by color to find whatever you need to match! We've got TONS of options in stock and are confident that you will find a color you love.


We hope that you have loved these NOXX-inspired costumes as much as we have. I think it's safe to say that we have the cutest customers out there, and we feel so fortunate that we get to be a part of some of these adorable Halloween memories!

*Buzz Lightyear Photo Credit: Katie Roach, Facebook. 


Let us know in the comments below which costume idea you liked best, or how you plan to use NOXX in your Halloween costume this year for a chance to win a $15.00 shop credit to NOXX! Winner will be notified via email by 10.23.17