Care Instructions

Beanie Care

Generally, we recommended spot cleaning whenever possible as machine washing is not always ideal for accessories or specialty fabrics. That being said, most items can be washed on a cold, gentle cycle, inside out, with like colors then laid flat to dry if necessary. Many people choose this method for simplicity, but please keep in mind, as with any item made from a sweater knit, this may cause pilling or change the texture/feel of the item. 

Cozy-collection/fuzzy feeling fabrics note: Due to the nature of this type of fabric, fabrics which are already "fuzzy" tend to get more fuzzy/balled when washing. Results may vary depending depending on the fabric type, how the processes are carried out and what cleaning products are used. This isn't always noticeable, but if you think it would bother you, we recommended just spot cleaning as needed. 


See below for more detailed washing information - 

Just like most specialty fabrics, sweater knits require special treatment. Use the following as a guide to help ensure the life of your beanies. If you want to be extra careful and spot cleaning is not an option, we suggest a gentle hand wash, avoiding heat or agitation. Google has some simple instructions if you need help, just search "hand washing knit fabric". Friction is what causes pilling in stretchy fabrics, as the fabric fibers rub against themselves or other fabrics, they can start to ball. Washing in a washing machine may be done at your discretion. Should you choose to machine wash, we recommend turning the beanie inside out and using a cold water, a gentle cycle, with like colors. A garment bag is also a great option when washing. Heat may cause disproportionate shrinkage, therefore it is important not to use hot water, or to dry your beanie in the dryer. In all cases the beanie should be laid flat and reshaped to dry without pulling or stretching.

When caring for any accessories or delicate fabrics, the bottom line is to use your own judgement. If you’re worried the item won’t survive a wash in the machine or you are particular about the outcome it is always safer to hand wash it. Treat your items with care and they should last you for years to come!