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  • lightweight slouchy beanies

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Sizing & Fabric Types

We personally touch every fabric before we buy it to make sure that our products will be not only stylish, but ultra comfortable. Because we use a wide variety of knit fabrics, each beanie may fit and feel slightly different. At minimum, our beanies should fit the size chart below (most fit even longer than the age group listed). 

PS - All of our beanies can be worn 2 ways! You can wear them folded at the bottom for a "cuffed" look, or unfolded for a "slouchy" fit. The photos on our site show a combination of both styles. The fabrics we use are very stretchy, therefore we do not recommend sizing up. If you're looking for a more snug/less slouchy fit, you can size down. Your child's safety is extremely important to us! As with all baby accessories, our products should be worn under adult supervision only.


Newborn 0-3mo // Fits head sizes: 13-16"

3-6mo & 3-9mo // Fits head sizes: 15-18"

6mo-3yrs // Fits head sizes: 17-20"

2-12yrs // Fits head sizes: 18-21"

3yrs-Adult Small // Fits head sizes: 19-22" (*less slouchy adult option)

Adult or Adult M-L // Fits head sizes 22"+ (*more slouchy adult option)




>> NOXX Signature Style - Our most popular beanie! These are made from only 1 layer of fabric (most beanies you find on the market are double-layered), this makes them super lightweight and breathable. They are super comfortable (you'll hardly know they are there) and even the most picky babies don't seem to mind them! These are great for year round wear, but very popular for the warmer months and trips to the beach!

>> Jersey Knit – These beanies are going to be very thin, lightweight and stretchy. This fabric is similar to what most “leggings” are made from. These beanies are great for year round wear and best for when you just need a little something over your ears, without overheating. They’re also very popular for those who like to wear a beanie while exercising.

>> Sweater Knit – These beanies are going to be a little thicker than the jersey knit, but still very lightweight and great for year round wear, especially fall and spring. They will also be super stretchy and comfy.

>> Cozy Sweater Knit – These are the thickest/warmest beanies we offer. The fabric will be similar to the lightweight sweater knit, but it will be a little thicker and often have a “fuzzy” feel to the outside. These are soft and stretchy, but due to the thickness of the fabric, they are not as “floppy” as the other options. This option is great for cooler weather!

*All fabrics are made from any combination of polyester/cotton/rayon/spandex/wool. If you need more information on a specific beanie for allergy reasons just let us know!