A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide
July 12, 2017

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

When you are pregnant with your first baby, you have a baby shower to celebrate!  Fast forward to baby number 2 and the baby shower becomes a baby sprinkle.  You likely have all the big ticket items (such as a crib) from the first baby, but you find that people still want to celebrate your impending arrival.  We recently held a baby sprinkle for my sister's second baby (a girl!).  I realized that from a gift giver's point of view, picking out a great gift for a baby sprinkle can be intimidating - who knew?  

To help my fellow gift giver's out there, I've come together with some of my favorite shops to create this Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide! 



Hello Sweet Pies 

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide  A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide  A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

These pie pops are ahhhhhmazing!  They make for the perfect mama-to-be treat, and double as unique and delicious favors for guests.  They arrive straight to your door and can be refrigerated for 5 days (or frozen for up to 3 months).  The lattice design is so detailed and beautiful, you almost don't even want to eat them!  Flavors available include blueberry, apple, strawberry, blackberry, sweet cherry, pear and honey, & peach.  They also offer 3 different designs:  classic (as shown above), heart & Mickey Mouse shaped pie pops!


Bambo Nature USA Diapers, Wipes & Skincare

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

This entire line of Bambo products is simply amazing.  I've been using them on my little guy for over a year now and will never go back to main stream brands.  Bambo Nature diapers are not only eco-friendly, but also free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens while their wipes are free of perfumes, parabens and dyes.  They just released their new natural and organic skincare line and leave you reassured that your little one's skin is well taken care of.


A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

This new product is amazing.  Probably one of the grossest things any new parent will ever love!  This is the first booger removal tool that safely and gently removes both sticky and dried boogers fro a child's nostrils.  It was developed with comfort in mind, offering two unique ends to remove boogers effectively to help children breathe easier and soothe when in discomfort.

Colgate Kids Contour Changing Pad

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Colgate's contour changing pad turns any flat surface into a baby changing station, which is a great option for those who have small rooms and simply have no room available for a crib, dresser and changing table.  The changing pad's white, quilted cover cleans easily with a damp cloth and mild soap (because we all know that accidents are bound to happen).  It comes equipped with a  safety strap, and screws to attach the changing pad and is made right here in the USA!

Angelcare Bath Support

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

This Angelcare Bath Support takes the worry out of bath time. It was designed for comfort with its soft mesh ergonomic design and is mildew-resistant and hygienic. The Angelcare Bath Support is recommended for babies up to 6 months of age.  I especially love that it comes with a hook to make storage easy because we all know what a pain it is to have baby things laying about!

MAM Feed and Sooth Set

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Saving bottles and pacifiers from your first child is not always the best idea so adding new bottles and pacifiers to your baby sprinkle list is a must.  This Mam self and soothe set is perfect for both breastfeeding and formula babies.  The anti-colic bottle comes with a leak proof cap, a soft silicone nipple and self-sterilizes in 3 easy steps!  Both the bottles and the pacifiers are BPA free.   

B Box Baby Diaper Caddy

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

This light and portable change station ensures you have everything you need for diaper changing wherever you are around the home. Great space saver for apartment living and ideal for two-story homes (we use this downstairs).  It even works well for travel in the car - no need to dig through a full diaper bag! 

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Experienced parents know that having a sound machine playing white noise is a must - especially when there is an older (louder) sibling in the house.  Cloud b has you covered with their adorable sound soothers that are equipped with 8 soothing sounds and melodies.  I actually have 1 of these for each child - they love them!

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Bamboobies Products  

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Experienced nursing moms from all around the world can tell you that there are three absolute necessities when it comes to nursing.  Nipple balm, nursing pads and a great nursing bra.  Bamboobies has all of these items and come highly recommended from almost every nursing mom I know.  Their nursing pads are incredibly soft and leak resistant to avoid those embarrassing new nursing mom moments and their Nipple Balm is 100% organic, so you can rest easy knowing that you are able to protect and help heal sore nipples without any toxic ingredients being exposed to your little one.  Nursing bras can be incredibly awkward, uncomfortable and just very unappealing in general.  With Bamboobies Nursing Brahhh, you get the support you need in a breathable, softer and eco-friendly than cotton or nylon nursing bra.  ***You can shop Bamboobies using promo code BAMBOOBIES20OFF to save 20% off your purchase thru 7/19/17***

Covered Goods

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

This is an accessory that every parent needs - nursing or not.  If you haven't yet heard of this multi-use cover, be prepared to be blown away.  This four in one nursing cover is perfect to conceal nursing your little one but can also be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover and even a stylish infinity scarf for mom! 

Noxx Swaddle Set

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Because all baby's love a good swaddle!  Although my little guy no longer swaddles, he cannot sleep without one of his Noxx "blankies".  These swaddles are incredibly large, light and breathable - perfect for any baby or toddler to help keep them feeling safe, yet comfortable.  Bonus points because it comes with an adorable matching headband or beanie for baby.  ***You can shop Noxx by using promo code BABYSHOWER at checkout to save 15% off thru 7/19***

Mom Life Must Haves Water Bottle & Coffee Tumbler

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Nursing moms must stay hydrated.  In fact, its recommended that a nursing mom drink an 8oz glass of water each time she sits to nurse.  Water is essential to help keep a nursing moms milk supply up, so why not spoil mom a little with a super cute water bottle?  Its made from stainless steel and is durable enough to throw into the diaper bag while you are on the go and holds a generous 24oz at a time!  I've also included their Coffee Tumbler because, well, babies wake up... a lot.  While I know its not recommended to drink more than 2 cups a day while nursing, this was incredibly useful for myself (both in my early days of nursing, and even now as we are weaning).  ***You can shop Mom Life Must Haves using promo code NICOLEBANUELOS to save 15% off your purchase!***



Polka Dot Print Shop Baby Book

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

My first born is almost 17 years old.  Every time I pull out his baby book, I laugh.  It was so large and frankly, kind of an eyesore.  When I came across this adorable mermaid themed baby book from The Polka Dot Print Shop, I just knew my sister had to have it!  These books were made by a mama of 4 who understood how daunting baby books could be so she simplified the process to make documenting memories quick, simple and to the point!

Little Nugget Co Photo App

                                     A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide   A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Finally!  An app that helps you capture sweet moments from pregnancy to toddlerhood and personalize them with adorable text and artwork that you can share privately with friends and family of your choosing or publicly via social media!  ***You can shop Little Nugget Co using promo code NB20 to save 20% off your purchase from their print shop***

Stitches by Natalie Keepsake Toy

                                          A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide  A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Keepsakes are one of my favorite gifts to give because they are usually something that is kept forever.  Stitches by Natalie creates the cutest and most unique keepsakes using your baby's first swaddle blanket and turning it into a birth elephant and embroiders it with your baby's name and stats. 

Sassy Baby Essentials Swaddle Set 

                                         A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide  A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

These are quite literally picture perfect.  These swaddles and newborn beanies (or headbands) can be personalized in any color and with any name you choose.  Don't have a name picked out yet?  Not a problem!  The name can be easily replaced with "Big Sister, Little Brother" or even "baby girl, baby boy".  ***You can shop Sassy Baby Essentials using promo code SHIPFREE2017 for free shipping!***



Little Faces Apparel gender onesie

A Baby Sprinkle Gift GuideThis onesie is not only adorable, but make for a fun way to announce your little ones gender - during pregnancy or even after birth!  Little Faces Apparel also carries sets of shirts that say "Big Sister, Little Sister" and "Big Brother, Little Brother" that are nice because you are able to include the older sibling in the gift giving!  ***You can shop Little Faces Apparel using promo code BABYSHOWER for 15% off your purchase!***

Sun Baked Baby Boutique Mommy & Me Set 

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Sun Baked Baby Boutique has so many awesome designs, but my absolute favorite thing about them is that they make "mommy and me" sets so that you can twin with your little mini me!  How adorable is this Mermaid set pictured above?  

Taylin Threads Handmade Clothing

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Shopping small has really become a way of life for me over the last several years.  Sure, you can pick up cute clothes anywhere, but there is just something so special about supporting a hand made shop from a hard working mama and Taylin Threads is just that!  Taylin Threads offers tops and bottoms in the cutest designs that you won't find at your local Target!  Just check out this mermaid piece she made for my niece-to-be!  

Dapper Jacks Rompers

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

If you have been keeping up with kids fashion lately, you know that rompers are all the rage for both boys and girls.  Dapper Jacks makes the most gorgeous rompers and my very favorite from their line for girls is this floral romper.  Its not only gorgeous, its super soft and very durable.  I can not wait to see this beauty on my niece!  If you are shopping for a boy, you must head on over to check out their boys line as well.  Everything is completely adorable!  ***You can shop Dapper Jacks using promo code BABYSHOWER for 15% off your purchase!***

pediped Originals Baby Shoes

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

pediped originals have the cutest shoes for babies!  They carry everything from casual to dressy styles and are made specifically with your baby's healthy foot development in mind.  Bonus points because these cute baby shoes are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development! 



A Child's Nook Mini Nook Teepee

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

These Mini Nooks are the perfect decor for a small space, with three sides and standing about 12" tall and about 5 inches at the base.  They come in 6 different designs and are the cutest little teepees I've ever seen.  These would make an adorable addition to any baby's nursery! 

Legacy Learning Academy Wooden Building Blocks

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

These customized blocks make for adorable room decor and fun toys for kids to play with as they age.  They come in a set of six all-natural wooden blocks that are hand painted on one side in an adorable color palette. Perfect to sort, stack, tumble or display!  ***You can shop Legacy Learning Academy by using promo code TAKE20 at checkout to save 20% off your purchase***

Marleys Monsters Crinkle Paper

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

Second time moms and dads know that babies and toddlers love the sound of crinkly things of all kinds which is what makes Marley's Monsters Crinkle Paper so awesome because it provides hours of entertainment!  The crinkle paper is made with a single  layer crinkle paper that is super crinkly and sandwiched between 2 layers.  This shop offers many different prints to fit your desired look or theme.  ***You can shop Marley's Monsters using promo code NB15 for 15% off your purchase!*** 

I know this list is long and if you made it this far, I've summarized everything for you by category below.

Treats:  Hello Sweet Pies

Baby Necessities:  Bambo Nature USA ||  Oogiebear  ||  Colgate Kids  ||  Angelcare  ||  MAM Baby  ||  B Box Baby  ||  Cloud B  

Nursing Essentials:  Bamboobies || Mom Life Must Haves || Covered Goods  ||  Noxx

Keepsakes:  Polka Dot Print Shop  ||  Little Nugget Co  ||  Stitches by Natalie  ||  Sassy Baby Essentials 

Apparel/Blankets:  Little Faces Apparel  ||  Sun Baked Baby Boutique  ||  Taylin Threads  ||  Dapper Jacks  ||  Pediped  

Decor/Toys:  A Child's Nook  ||  Legacy Learning Academy  ||  Marley's Monsters


We have collaborated with many of these shops to provide an awesome baby sprinkle giveaway on Instagram!  Be on the lookout for the giveaway post on my Instagram account at 8am PST, July 12th for more details on how to enter!
Comment below with your thoughts or share a fun baby sprinkle gift idea of your own for a chance to win a $15 shop credit to Noxx! Winner will be randomly selected from the comments and notified by email on 7/17/17. 

A Baby Sprinkle Gift Guide

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