Misc. "Imperfect" Swaddles

**Please read description carefully before purchasing. These items all have minor flaws/imperfections and are sold as-is. All sales are final.**


Swaddles measure approximately 42" x 44" unless noted. Fabric type and price varies. Swaddles/baby size blankets are recommended from 0-2yrs. Jersey knits are lightweight and smooth on both sides, signature style fabrics have one looped side and one smooth side and are mid-weight. Most flaws are small and hardly noticeable, we are just very picky about what we send out! 

*There are no real pictures because these items are pre-packaged and ready to ship as well as highly discounted. All of these items are, or have been, available on our site previously unless noted otherwise.

International orders may require additional shipping charges if multiple items are purchased.


Brief description of flaws:

 (Sold items have been deleted/updated as of 3/30)


7. Spring Floral jersey knit (light black line approx 4" and light blue spots throughout) 

8. Spring Floral jersey knit (light black line, light run across length of fabric and light blue spots throughout)

9. Spring Floral jersey knit (light black line approx 5" and light blue or black spots throughout) 


16. Mint signature *white thread (lightweight, *new fabric - pre-washed to test shrinkage and it did shrink just a little so it's a few inches smaller, may have light pilling/small snags, this is a great fabric overall)


20. Rainbow tie-dye jersey knit (light run, pattern printed on front side only)

21. Camouflage jersey knit (snag on back side, pattern printed on front side only)

Size Guide

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Sizing & Fabric Types


If you want the hat to fit right away, we recommend ordering by current age or measuring. Because we use a wide variety of knit fabrics, each beanie may fit and feel slightly different. Some fabrics have more stretch than others, we try to add additional sizing information to the individual listings when needed. All beanies can be worn folded up at the bottom for a slightly smaller fit with less slouch and a "cuffed" look, or unfolded for extra slouch.

***For newborn photos or coming home outfits please order the NEWBORN size.The infant size will not fit until your baby is at least a few weeks old.***

Newborn: Birth - 3mo (Head sizes 13"-16")
Infant: 3mo - 6/9mo (Head sizes 15"-18")
Toddler: 6/9mo - 3/4yrs (Head sizes 18"-22")
Youth: 3/4yrs - Adult Small (Head sizes 19.5"+)
Adult: Unisex (Head sizes 22"+)



>> Signature Style - Our original design! These are made from only 1 layer of fabric, this makes them super lightweight and breathable.These are great for year round wear, but are most popular for warmer months. (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)

>> Jersey Knit & Brushed Jersey Knit These beanies are going to be very thin, lightweight and stretchy. Brushed jersey is just a tad thicker and less stretchy than the regular jersey, but it is extra soft. (Contains: Rayon/Spandex)

>> Sweater Knit – These beanies are going to be a little thicker than the jersey knit, but still light-mid weight and great for year round wear.  (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)

>> Ribbed Knit - This fabric is the same as our sweater knit, except with a ribbed look/texture.  (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)

>> Cozy Sweater Knit & Cozy Ribbed Knit – This fabric is the same as our sweater knit, except it has a “fuzzy” feel to the outside for added warmth. These are the "warmest" beanies we offer and are popular for the fall and winter months. (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)