Misc. "Imperfect" Swaddles

**Please read description carefully before purchasing. These items all have minor flaws/imperfections and are sold as-is. All sales are final.**

Swaddles measure approximately 42" x 44". Fabric type and price varies. Swaddles/baby size blankets are recommended from 0-2yrs. Jersey knits are lightweight and smooth on both sides, signature style fabrics have one looped side and one smooth side and are mid-weight. Most flaws are small and hardly noticeable, we are just very picky about what we send out! 

*There are no pictures because these items are pre-packaged and ready to ship as well as highly discounted. All of these items have been available on our site previously.


Brief description of flaws:

1. Navy/white stripe signature style - Couple very small snags (not noticeable)

2. Black jersey knit - Light run in fabric *2 available

3. Mustard tie-dye jersey knit - Several very small dots throughout fabric *2 available

4. Ocean blue tie-dye jersey knit - Small spot (not noticeable)

5. Peachy pink jersey knit - Small spot and wrinkles 

6. Cobalt blue signature style - Flaw unknown/not noticeable 

7. Royal blue jersey knit - Flaw unknown, possible very minor run or spot 

8. Black jersey knit - Tiny hole

9. Neon green (Halloween) tie-dye - Minor imperfections in tie-dye (not noticeable) *2 available

10. Floral jersey knit (white background with red flowers and black polka dots) - Flaw unknown/not noticeable 

11. Pink/black (Boo-Berry Halloween) tie-dye - Small snag

12. Orange (Halloween) tie-dye - Small run *2 available 

13. Sky blue signature style - Snag in looped side of fabric

14. Galaxy jersey knit (pattern printed on front side only, back side is white) -Small spots on the back side/white side *8 available

 15. Charcoal signature style - Small non-noticeable flaw

Size Guide

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Sizing & Fabric Types


If you want the hat to fit right away, we recommend ordering by current age or measuring. Because we use a wide variety of knit fabrics, each beanie may fit and feel slightly different. All beanies can be worn folded up at the bottom for a slightly smaller fit with less slouch and a "cuffed" look, or unfolded for extra slouch.

***For newborn photos or coming home outfits please order the NEWBORN size.The infant size will not fit until your baby is at least a few weeks old.***

Newborn: Birth - 3mo (Head sizes 13"-16")
Infant: 3mo - 6/9mo (Head sizes 15"-18")
Toddler: 6/9mo - 3/4yrs (Head sizes 18"-22")
Youth: 3/4yrs - Adult Small (Head sizes 19.5"+)
Adult: Unisex (Head sizes 22"+)



>> Signature Style - Our original design! These are made from only 1 layer of fabric, this makes them super lightweight and breathable.These are great for year round wear, but are most popular for warmer months. (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)

>> Jersey Knit These beanies are going to be very thin, lightweight and stretchy. (Contains: Rayon/Spandex)

>> Sweater Knit – These beanies are going to be a little thicker than the jersey knit, but still light-mid weight and great for year round wear.  (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)

>> Ribbed Knit - This fabric is the same as our sweater knit, except with a ribbed look/texture.  (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)

>> Cozy Sweater Knit & Cozy Ribbed Knit – This fabric is the same as our sweater knit, except it has a “fuzzy” feel to the outside for added warmth. These are the "warmest" beanies we offer and are popular for the fall and winter months. (Contains: Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)